Minnesota Softball

2017 Minnesota Softball Fall Ball


Welcome to the 2017 Fall Ball Registration with Minnesota Softball!

This registration session will allow you to set up your team pages by providing team name and contact information. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  

This entry must be filled out prior to the league kick off meeting. Please bring a copy of the registration receipt along with your teams payment to turn in.

Please read to the bottom of each page and hit "Continue".

Minnesota Softball Fall Ball Information

For more information on the Minnesota Softball Fall Ball Leagues go to this link.

Brian Lindquist

Brian Lindquist

Team Registrations

Phone: 612-590-0940

Tom Bye

Tom Bye

Team Scheduling

Phone: 651-270-0219

Dan Pfeffer

Dan Pfeffer

Field Scheduling

Phone: 952-250-3393